MOB 10" griptape

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Mob Grip

Mob Grip is owned by NHS Inc. For skaters in the UK, this isn’t the hospital type of NHS, but rather a skateboard distribution company based in Santa Cruz. NHS was founded in 1973 and disputes some of the best skateboard brands including Indy, Creature, OJ wheels, Bronson’s and Mob.

Mob burst onto the skate scene promising every skater in the world no more air bubbles, and to everyone’s surprise, they delivered. Their griptape technology (that we will get to in a little bit) allowed every skateboarder to grip their own board without any chances of an air bubble. This alone would have put Mob on the map and kept them there for the rest of time.

However, Mob didn’t stop there. They have also teamed up with people like Mouse to deliver some amazing collaborations on their grip. They have continued to wow the skate world with their collaborations and anti-air bubble technology and have put together one of the strongest teams in skateboarding history!

And that is why they are one of the top choices for so many skateboarders around the world.